We build fun!

We're an innovative game studio who build fun, high-quality games that millions of players enjoy.

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We put our communities at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to giving our players enjoyable experiences and are always listening to feedback.

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Built by gamers

Everyone on our team enjoys playing games. We only build games that we're passionate about and would enjoy playing ourselves.

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All our decisions are driven by in-depth analytics and player feedback. We know how changes we make impact our games and use this data to make targeted improvements.

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Growing year-on-year

Our MAU has been growing every year since our inception.

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Global reach

Our games have been played by players all over the world.

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Fully remote

We're a fully remote company. Our team works from a range of different countries around the world.

Everyone can enjoy
playing our games

Our games have been played by millions of players worldwide.

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